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Next Workshop  / Retreat date is coming shortly

This workshop / retreat is suitable for everyone who are interested in yoga practices

The workshop is designed to help to gain exposure to higher yoga using Hata and Raja yoga techniques. This workshop is suitable for the both, people who are not interested for higher yoga practices and for those who wish to pursue higher yoga practice.

It is designed for who are looking to obtain materialistic gains (such as happiness/health/peace or relaxation) as well as for who are genuinely interested in spiritual progress (to feel eternal Joy or to work towards the quest for self or God realisation) through yoga practices.

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Workshop 1 1/9/2019 – 1/3/2020 150 0 / 20 closed More Info / buy now
Workshop 2 1/10/2019 – 1/4/2020 250 closed More Info / buy now
Workshop – SM 4/03/2020 – 1/4/2020 150 0 / 20 closed More Info / buy now

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