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Stress Management through Yoga

The aim of this workshop is to

Provide some understanding of Yoga as a tool to improve your physical and mental health.
Provide a basic understanding of stress
Practice yoga postures and breathing
Practice yoga relaxation techniques which calm the mind
Develop a schedule for regular practice for long-term results

What is expected from you?

To be fit to perform basic yoga postures and breathing
Expected to learn and gain good skill in performing the exercises taught
Make them as part of your daily routine and try to practice at least a few times a week if not daily.
Ask questions to make clear your doubts during workshop
Follow the schedule learnt at the workshop for regular practice
Keep a personal diary of your practices and the changes you observe in your physical and emotional realms

Where and when?

Sandgate Town Hall
Cliff and Seymour Streets, Sandgate QLD 4017
5 Wednesdays from 4 March to 1 April 2020 (5 sessions) 5 – 6.30 pm

For more information and bookings : Email: – Mob: 0438203814

who we are

brisbane yoga class

international institute of yoga consciousness

brisbane yoga class