Sankhya Yoga

Sankhya yoga

Understanding nature through analysis using science, mathematics, and astronomy, medicine etc. comes under this method.

Great scientists/mathematicians used their gifted intelligence for the good in society.

Sankhya yoga teaches them in their own ‘words’, how to search beyond their scientific/mathematical formulae.

There are some similarities to Jnana yoga path. Once again this path is suitable for very few in society.

It is also difficult to measure one’s progress in a spiritual line.

One of the difficulties for an individual is to choose among these paths. It mainly depends on one’s taste, environment and availability of Guru.

Once a path is chosen one must stick to it and continue, without drifting to another. Who jumps from one path to another, without gaining considerable experience in a path, will never reach the goal. (‘A rolling stone gathers no moss’).

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