Spirituality And Enlightenment Through Rays Of Light

How we achieve the goal?


To achieve the ultimate goal of self-realization or God-realisation, we conduct several holistic wellbeing training face-to-face workshops, intense training retreats and camps to provide systematic learning and practice of Anusthana Yoga (application of the science of yoga in your day to day life).

Initial training includes yoga techniques such as yoga Asanas, Pranayama (yoga breathing) and relaxation.

Later, then the training proceeds to concentration techniques which are called higher yoga practices such as Pratyahara, Dharana and Dhyana. These will lead you to a state of Samadhi – Oneness.

Along this path, you will be learning theoretical aspects of yoga philosophy, apply yoga principals to day to day life to make your life healthier, happy and satisfying.

Experience of Samadhi and Eastern Philosophy will lead you to self-realization, God-realization or Nirvana.

During the progress in our path, the sadhakas (yoga practitioners) will be getting better physical and mental health, overall peace and happiness.

Along the practice path, they will be leading to a better understanding of the world and enjoy the fruits of holistic and harmonious living before achieving the ultimate goal.