Our vision is to:
Deliver outstanding holistic scientific-based Yoga programs which are culturally, religiously and spiritually neutral, to enrich the lives of individuals physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Our mission is to:
Provide an unbiased, authentic scientific training program which combines Hata and Raja yoga methods which are not shadowed by any religious, cultural and spiritual beliefs and aims to enhance one’s physical, mental and spiritual health.

Yoga Nidra Australia


Our purpose is to:
Brisbane yoga classes provide a range of scientific training which combine Hata and Raja  yoga techniques to experience yoga in its entirety. Run necessary training for all to enjoy the extraordinary benefits of yoga in their day-to-day life. Nurture the human body and spirit for healthy, harmonious and happy living.

Our objectives and goals are to:

Develop and deliver the programs on relaxation, stress management and concentration through online programs, face to face workshops at different locations and Organising advanced yoga workshops and retreats at different locations

Online programs

Online training programs are designed for participants who could watch first and follow the audio for practice at an individual’s own pace. They contain audio/video presentations on practical techniques and theory. The lessons include yoga techniques, precautions for practice sessions and some theory aspects. The teachers are just an email away for any further clarifications.


Workshops are designed to get one-on-one training in a class room setting. They are designed for an interactive learning. The teachers are available throughout the workshop. Generally designed to have one or two lessons a week and spread over few weeks. The participants receive practical and theory lessons each week adding new information each week.

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Yoga Nidra Australia

Yoga Nidra Brisbane

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