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Stress Management through Yoga

Is this for you?

Did you recently observed any of the following?

  1. Headaches or pains.
  2. Muscle tension/feeling tired.
  3. Increase in your anxiety or feeling worried.
  4. Feeling moody sometimes.
  5. Relationship problems.
  6. Sleep disturbance.
  7. Feel depressed sometimes.
  8. Overeating or undereating.
  9. Feel lack of confidence.
  10. Feel to avoid people.

If you answer Yes to two or more questions this course is for you

This online program has two components – Theory and practical 

It is designed for self-learning at an individual’s own pace. The lessons contain audio/video presentations on practical techniques and theory. The video lessons include yoga techniques and how to practice. Theory sessions provide information on the topics such as  precautions during yoga practice sessions, about stress the methods to deal with it and about yoga techniques etc. The training video lessons are designed such that one could watch first and then follow the audio while performing the technique. The teachers are just an email  ( away for any clarification.

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