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Benefits of Yoga practice

Any individual’s way of “living and thinking” will be totally changed by the practice of yoga. 

The benefits of practicing yoga could be classified into four groups.

1. Health benefits   

2. Relaxation benefits

3. Spiritual benefits   

4. Social benefits.

1.  Health

Personal health benefits are achieved by the practice of yoga exercises and pranayama. Yoga asanas provide necessary exercises to various body parts of an individual and purify them to keep healthy. Pranayama with higher yogic exercises purifies the internal organs like lungs, the intestine and stomach etc., which in turn helps in maintaining good health. But regular practice is necessary.

2. Relaxation

After the yoga exercises, one proceeds to control his/her mind through relaxation and concentration techniques. Relaxation techniques reduce the stress of mind and provide peace of mind. Through the stress free mind, one experiences happy and hassle-free living. These techniques are one of the best relaxation techniques now available in the world.

3. Spiritual

The ultimate aim of the yoga is to progress in a spiritual path. It undoubtedly satisfies one’s thirst to travel in spiritual experiences. The main benefit of yoga line is the well-defined ways to test the progress of a person who practices yoga at every step and each time. Once you satisfy yourself with your progress you can pursue your efforts with much more confidence.

4. Social

The social benefits of yoga are felt by the individual as well as the neighbours. A person who is practising the yoga himself will come to know how his attitude has changed over a period of time. This is due to understanding the yoga philosophy and following a life style defined in yoga practices. Sadhaka (an  yoga practitioner) will be very helpful, responsible, cheerful and sympathetic to his/her neighbours. Thus, he will be one of the favourite person in the society.